AMADA 3015AJ Fiber Laser

With nitrogengenerator

Turret punch machine
2 pcs

Grinding machine

Edge Pressing
3 pcs

Fastenings components


2 pcs

Corner cutter

Length = 2500 mm
Steel T= 4,0 mm, Stainless T= 3,0 mm

2 kW Steelsheet size maximum: 3000 x 1500 mm

Stainless steel T max= 6,0 mm Steel T= 10,0 mm

Brass T= 3,0 mm Aluminum T= 4,0 mm
Maximum size 3000 x 1500 mm
Stainless T= 3,0 mm, Steel T= 4,0 mm
forming, threading, bending

Nibbler grindingmachine to sharpen the punchingtools

Maximum L= 3000 mm, T= up to 10 mm
Controlled in 8 axes for advanced edge pressing

Controlled machine (Haegar) with automatic feeding of
fastening compnents

MIG (halfautomatic), TIG, MAG, spot welding

Maximum 40 ton

For manual machining